I thought I had it figured out

I thought I had a way

I thought I could do much better

But I did you anyway.

I made a choice to stick on

I liked it when you were here

I thought it would really work

But only if you were near


Why man is God’s best creation

At the risk of being suffocated in my sleep by any girl around, I will still be brave enough to admit,what I think about men.

Yes! Men are Gods finest creation, while most of them seem to be sleazy bastards, some where deep deep down there you will find the reason that turned a young boy who fell in love with the prettiest girl in class, saved up and bought her something pretty, just to be ridiculed and made fun of in front of his friends by the pretty little girl he loved so dearly, and probably thought she is the one, which made him the playboy that he is today.

So when you are with a man, try to find that little boy in him, who would share his favorite ice-cream with you, and wait for you when none of your besties did.When you find some one like that, love him the way you would want to be loved because you will never find a brain so simple yet so brilliant, a heart so soft yet so steady, harms so strong yet soft as a feather.

Even after that if any son of bitch hurts you. GO SPARTA ON THEM!!! 😛